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The annual Heal the Bay Beach Report Card for 2009-2010

The annual Heal the Bay Beach Report Card for 2009-2010 was publicly released on May 26, 2010, and according to the LA Times, “Overall, Orange County was at the top of the class [in the state] with about 97% of its beaches scoring A or B.”

The report on how Orange County’s beaches performed states that “Orange County grades for both year-round dry weather and the AB411 [summer] time period were among the best on record and again well above the state average.” The Beach Report Card goes on to explain that “Orange County displayed quite easily the best dry weather water quality it has seen in the last six years.”

The report is also complimentary of the efforts in Orange County to move forward “…on maximizing available county resources for health protection of the beachgoing public” by integrating the efforts of multiple agencies which currently monitor water quality at beaches (Health Care Agency/Environmental Health, Orange County Stormwater Program, Orange County Sanitation District, and South Orange County Wastewater Authority). The report suggests that this could be a “model” approach for other counties to follow in the future.

This year’s top grades in the State of California for Orange County are a direct reflection of the Orange County Board of Supervisors making the protection of water quality a top priority as well as all of the hard work and dedication by the County, the cities, and local wastewater agencies.

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