Two Short Courses Offered on Stormwater Treatment

Dr. Gary Minton will again be presenting courses on stormwater treatment, this time in Santa Monica. There will be two sessions of each course for maximum flexibility.

The one-day short course is intended for engineers, planners, scientists, and technicians as well as interested citizens. This course offers a broad overview of the stormwater management, including why stormwater runoff is of concern, stormwater quality, sizing of treatment BMPs in the public domain, the latest information on the characteristics and performance of vaults, and low impact development BMPs.

1 day course: select Oct 6 or Nov 5, 2009

The two-day course is for professionals interested in obtaining a more detailed understanding of how various stormwater treatment systems "work" and how this relates to design and maintenance. All of the topics covered in the one-day course will also be covered in the two-day course.

2 day course: select Oct 14-15 or Nov 11-12, 2009

Please see the attached stormwater treatment course announcements and registration forms.

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