Appendix D, Watershed Chapters

While the 2003 DAMP is a countywide document and the Local Implementation Plans developed by each Permittee focus on implementation of the DAMP programs on a city/jurisdictional basis, the Orange County Permittees understand that watersheds do not follow political boundaries. Therefore, Appendix D of the 2003 DAMP, the Watershed Chapters, represent the last piece of the puzzle in that they detail efforts to prevent and control pollutants not on a countywide or citywide level, but on a watershed level. In 2003, the Permittees developed Watershed Chapters for each watershed in the San Diego Region and will proceed with development of chapters covering the watersheds within the Santa Ana Region in 2003-2004. Comments or questions concerning the Watershed Chapters should be directed to  Richard Boon of the OC Watersheds Program.

San Diego Region Watershed Chapters for Orange County

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