South Orange County Watershed Management Area (South OC WMA) Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP)

On June 20, 2018, the Executive Officer of the San Diego Water Quality Control Board approved the Revised WQIP and associated appendices for the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (South OC WMA). 
The South OC WQIP identifies high priority water quality conditions and sets goals, strategies and schedules to address them. 

More information about the development and  implementation of the WQIP can be found on the following fact sheets:

South OC WQIP and Appendices

Final Certified WQIP

How to participate/contribute

Request more information on the South OC WMA WQIP

Visit the following link for information on how to contribute to the WQIP by submitting information and data:
Data and Information for the South OC WQIP

South OC WQIP Website Clearinghouse (all data, information, and documents related to the South OC WQIP are posted here)

2017 Report of Waste Discharge Submittal to the San Diego Regional Water Board

A report of waste discharge (ROWD) was collectively prepared and submitted by the Counties of Orange, Riverside, and San Diego, on December 27, 2017.
The ROWD and all of its appendices are available for review and download at the link below:
2017 San Diego Region ROWD
A Regional Monitoring and Assessment Report (RMAR) for the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (South OC WMA) was included as part of the ROWD in Appendix D. The RMAR for the South OC WMA is available for review at the link below:
2017 South OC RMAR