Anaheim Bay Huntington Harbour

The Anaheim Bay-Huntington Harbor Watershed is located in northern Orange County, approximately 25 miles south of Los Angeles and 85 miles north of San Diego . The Anaheim Bay-Huntington Harbor Watershed is composed of a number of channels, none of which is a dominant river for the watershed with each draining a substantial portion of the watershed.  They include the:

  • Stanton Storm Channel;
  • Bolsa Chica Channel;
  • Anaheim Barber City Channel;
  • Westminster Channel;
  • East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel;  and
  • Ocean View Channel

These channels are not included in the Water Quality Control Plan for the Santa Ana River Basin (hereafter, Basin Plan).  Ultimately, the channels converge along the coast where they empty into Huntington Harbor and Anaheim Bay.  The headwaters for these channels begin in the northern and eastern reaches of the watershed which is almost completely urbanized and has a very low slope, having once been primarily swamplands or low coastal floodplains for the San Gabriel and Santa Ana Rivers.  All the channel reaches within the watershed are improved (lined) for flood control. Typical flow in the Anaheim Bay-Huntington Harbor Watershed is almost completely dry weather runoff.

Watershed and City Boundary Map

Additional information about the Anaheim Bay Huntington Harbour Watershed such as land use, drainage and elevations can be accesed by clicking the link below