Poche Clean Beach Project

The Poche Clean Beach Project (CBP) is located at the intersection of Camino Capistrano and Pacific Coast Highway on the border of Dana Point and San Clemente. Poche CBP is an advanced water treatment facility which treats dry weather urban surface water runoff from a 4,450 acre residential area within the cities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Dana Point. The urban runoff from this residential area flows into Prima Deshecha Canada channel [(M01) one of the San Clemente Coastal Watershed streams] and finally discharges into the Pacific Ocean at Poche Beach. Poche Beach has had water quality issues for some time particularly with bacteria levels leading to frequent public health warning postings during the summer months. The facility operates when runoff water flows are low and pollution concentrations are higher.

The Poche CBP water treatment process includes water filtration and ultraviolet light disinfection to dramatically reduce bacteria in the water taken from Prima Deshecha Canada channel. The goal is to improve water quality in the surf zone for water contact recreational use at Poche Beach; thereby reducing the number of public health advisory postings along the beach.