Programs and Projects

The Dana Point Coastal Streams Watershed is located in the southern area of Orange County. The main tributary in this watershed is Salt Creek which drains into the Pacific Ocean near the northern boundary of the City of Dana Point. Another important feature in this watershed is Dana Point Harbor. Water resource concerns for this watershed include poor water quality affecting Salt Creek Beach and Baby Beach, nuisance flows, and environmental issues at Dana Point Harbor.

Watershed Programs

Baby Beach Indicator Bacteria TMDL Program

Elevated indicator bacteria concentrations at Baby Beach has been a long standing problem. As a result, the beach has been the focus of many studies and Best Management Practices (BMP's) to identify and prevent sources of indicator bacteria affecting the beach. Click Baby Beach TMDL for more information

Integrated Regional Watershed Management Program

The Dana Point Coastal Streams watershed is part of the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (WMA). The County of Orange, cities, water and wastewater agencies of South Orange County formed the South Orange County IRWM Group in 2004 and subsequently developed and adopted the South Orange County IRWM Plan. The IRWM Group established the South Orange County IRWM region as a cooperative framework for planning and implementing water management strategies in the region to improve water quality, integrate flood management, restore natural resources, and increase water supply and reliability.

Watershed Workplans

The Dana Point Coastal Streams Watershed Workplan identifies the management activities being undertaken  by the cities of Dana Point and Laguna Niguel, the County of Orange and the Orange County Flood Control District (the Dana Point Coastal Streams Watershed Permittees) to address priority water quality constituents of concern in the creeks and streams of the Dana Point Coastal Streams Watershed

Watershed Projects

Salt Creek Ozone Treatment Plant Final Report -2007

Baby Beach Clean Beaches Initiative (CBI) Project

In 2002, County of Orange received a Clean Beaches Initiative (CBI) grant from the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to conduct a series of investigations to attempt to find the source of indicator bacteria at Baby Beach and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) to mitigate those sources. The project consists of conducting a series of investigations and then selecting and implementing appropriate BMP's. Click Baby Beach TMDL for more information.