Newport Coastal Streams Watershed

The Newport Coastal Streams Watershed covers 7.77 square miles, chiefly in the unincorporated area between the Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Newport Coast and Muddy Creek, its main tributaries, drain the San Joaquin Hills.

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Watershed and City Boundary Map

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Watershed Programs

Integrated Regional Watershed Management Program

The Newport Coastal Streams Watershed is part of the Central Orange County Watershed Management Area (WMA). The Central Orange County WMA encompasses the entire Newport Bay Watershed and the northern portion of the adjacent Newport Coasal Streamst Watershed that lies within the jurisdiction of the Santa Ana Regional Water Board. A local Central Orange County Watershed Management Area Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan (IRWMP) was developed and finalized in 2012. This Central Orange County WMA IRWMP was an effort to work cooperatively for planning water management strategies in the region.