Programs and Projects

Watershed Programs

Integrated Regional Watershed Management Program

The San Mateo Creek watershed is part of the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (WMA). The County of Orange, cities, water and wastewater agencies of South Orange County formed the South Orange County IRWM Group in 2004 and subsequently developed and adopted the South Orange County IRWM Plan. The IRWM Group established the South Orange County IRWM region as a cooperative framework for planning and implementing water management strategies in the region to improve water quality, integrate flood management, restore natural resources, and increase water supply and reliability..

Watershed Chapter

The San Mateo Creek Watershed Chapter presents a planning framework to identify the most significant water quality issues related to urban runoff sources that can addressed at a multi-jurisdictional watershed-scale, to focus jurisdictional pollution prevention and source control programs on local constituents of concern, to identify treatment control opportunities, to incorporate prior data from planning studies, to identify indicators to track progress, and ultimately to develop an integrated plan of action that results in meaningful water quality improvement in the San Mateo Creek Watershed.

Watershed Workplans

Due to its largely natural condition, the San Mateo Creek watershed essentially functions as a reference watershed for bioassessment monitoring; therefore prioritization of water quality constituents of concern and Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation plans executed in other watersheds are not applicable to this watershed. However, the San Mateo Creek Watershed Permittees, which includes the City of San Clemente, the County of Orange, and the Orange County Flood Control District, are actively involved in collaborative BMP implementation efforts in adjacent watersheds. <\p>

The majority of the San Mateo Creek Watershed is undeveloped, with no plans for future use at this time. The small portion of developed land within the San Clemente city boundaries will be subject to the Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan (JRMP) developed by the City of San Clemente. Due to the current undeveloped nature of the San Mateo Creek Watershed within Orange County, County-led efforts focusing on the establishment of a long-term Watershed Management Framework have been limited.