South OC Watershed Management Area


The South Orange County Watershed Management Area (SOCWMA) IRWM Group has opened a Call for Projects to allocate approximately $2.3 million of funds through the Proposition 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Program.  The Call for Projects will be open from November 26, 2018 through January 14 2019. These funds will be awarded competitively through the grant application process; each project will be reviewed for alignment with the 2018 IRWM Plan goals, objectives and strategies.  SOCWMA stakeholders will make a recommendation for project funding in Spring 2019 and a final application will be submitted to DWR in late Summer 2019.  DWR will notify IRWM Regions of funding awards in Fall 2019.  To submit a project for consideration in this grant round, please visit the SOCWMA website for instructions.

Please note that in order to qualify for IRWM Grant funding, all projects must first be included on the prioritized IRWM Project List.  Instructions on adding a project to the list are included below and on the
SOCWMA website.

IRWM Project List Submittal Process (Complete before Submitting for Proposition 1 Call for Projects)

  1. Download the IRWM Project Solicitation Excel Score Sheet from the Project Submittal page of the website/DMS.
  2. Complete the IRWM Project Solicitation Excel Score Sheet and save locally using the designated file nomenclature ("SOCWMA_OrgName_ProjectName").
  3. Drag and drop saved IRWM Project Solicitation Excel Score Sheet into web submission box on the left-hand side of the Project Submittal page of the website/DMS.  (If you would like to add more information about an existing, previously funded project, please also use this process to submit photos, data, reports, etc.).
  4. Complete the "Project Submittal Form" online through the Project Submittal page of the website/DMS, including geospatial project location (dropped pin, lat/lon, or address), and click "Submit Entry" button.
  5. County staff will receive both the Project Submittal Form entry and associated geospatial data as well as the IRWM Project Solicitation Excel Score Sheet; after these are reviewed briefly for completeness, they will be added to the IRWM Project Data Explorer map on the website/DMS and the IRWM Project List.  County staff will strive to have all projects uploaded within three business days of submittal, barring any technical issues.


The SOC WMA includes the area that encompasses the San Juan Hydrologic Unit (SJHU) in South Orange County as defined in the Water Quality Control Plan of the San Diego Basin.

The SJHU is a collection of coastal watersheds that covers 496 square miles in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties. The SJHU is naturally divided by major water bodies and represents an important water resource in one of the most arid regions of the nation. It is comprised of seven major watersheds: 1) Newport Coast, 2) Laguna Coastal Streams, 3) Aliso Creek, 4) Dana Point Coastal Streams (Salt Creek), 5) San Juan Creek, 6) San Clemente Coastal Streams, and 7) San Mateo Creek, and two groundwater basins: 1) San Juan Groundwater Basin and 2) San Mateo Groundwater Basin.

In 2004, the South Orange County Integrated Regional Water Management Group (Group) was formed by the County, South Orange County cities, water, and special districts located within the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board’s region. This Group was formed for two main purposes: short-term to prepare a South Orange County Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan (IRWMP) and subsequent grant application in 2005 for Prop 50 funds; and long-term to provide an integrated and coordinated local water resources planning function.