2013 Final and Approved SOC WMA IRWMP

At its July 18, 2013 meeting the SOC WMA Executive Committee, comprising of an elected official from each of the member organizations, voted to adopt the 2013 IRWM Final Plan. The 2013 IRWM Final Plan developed objectives, strategies, and implementation projects to achieve five goals in an integrated fashion: improving water quality, integrating flood management, increasing water supply and reliability, promoting water use efficiency, and protecting natural resources. Strategies covered topics such as flood management; urban runoff management; watershed management; water use efficiency; water supply and reliability; recycled water; habitat preservation, conservation, and restoration; water quality protection and improvement; and resource stewardship. Adoption of the 2013 IRWM Plan, however, does not commit any WMA member to any of the specific projects but rather establishes a planning framework to look at a range of projects on a watershed level.  The individual sections of the 2013 Final Approved IRWM Plan can be accessed below. 

South OC WMA Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

By Section: 

        Executive Summary,Table of Contents, Acronyms

  1. Introduction
  2. Governance
  3. Regional Description
  4. Objectives
  5. Resource Management Strategies
  6. Projects
  7. Data Management
  8. Finance
  9. Technical Analysis
  10. Coordination with Existing Local/Regional Plans
  11. Stakeholder Involvement
  12. Climate Change
  13. Salt and Nutrient Management Plan



A. South Orange County IRWM Group Cooperative Agreement

B. Tri County FACC MOU

C. Project Form

D. Resolutions and Letters of Acceptance/Approval for IRWM Plan

E. Letters of Support for IRWM Plan

F. IRWM Plan Project Lists and Evaluation Sheets

G. Salt and Nutrient Management Plan

H. Flood Management Plan

I.  Groundwater Management Plan Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning Area and Its Resources
  3. Existing Water Resources
  4. Historical and Projected Water Demands
  5. Management Goals and Impediments
  6. Groundwater Management Alternatives
  7. Evaluation of Groundwater Management Alternatives
  8. Implementation and Monitoring Plans
  9. References

Appendix A Comments and Responses to Comments

Appendix B San Juan Basin Authority Monitoring Plan

J. Climate Change Analysis

K. Round 3 Goals and Objectives