Documents for Public Review

Model Standard Storm Water Mitigation Plan & Hydromodification Plan (San Diego Region)

The Orange County Stormwater Program in south Orange County updated its Model Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SSMP) and developed a Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) in response to permit requirements from the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (Order R9-2009-0002). The permit requires the incorporation of low impact development and hydromodification requirements in new development and significant redevelopment projects.

The following documents were submitted to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board on December 16, 2011 for approval:

* Please note that the Technical Guidance Document is a complementary document to the Model WQMP; however, it was not a specific requirement of Order R9-2009-0002. The Technical Guidance Document contains supporting guidance on undertaking the technical analyses necessary to prepare a Project WQMP.

These documents will also be made available for public review and comment by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Executive Officer will determine the need for a public hearing. Please see the Regional Board’s website for additional details about this review and comment process, or for more information regarding the Orange County Municipal Stormwater Permit (for south Orange County):

If you have questions or comments on these proposed documents that you wish to submit to OC Watersheds, please email them to OC Watersheds. For more information on New Development/Significant Development in Orange County, or for more information regarding the current interim Hydromodification Criteria in Orange County, please visit: