Food Service Facilities (Restaurants)

Fats, oils and grease from restaurants and food service facilities can cause sewer line blockages that may result in sewage overflow into restaurants and into storm drains.  Scrape food waste into the trash prior to washing the dishware.  Never hose floor mats off outside.  Instead sweep them, throw the debris away in the trash, and then hose the mats off in a mop sink or at a floor drain.

Unlike water in sanitary sewers (from sinks and toilets), water in storm drains is not treated before entering our waterways and should never contain washwater, trash, grease or other materials. You would never dump oil and trash into the ocean, so don’t let it enter the storm drains. Click the link to the right to download the Food Service Facilities Pollution Prevention brochure.

 Tips for the Food Service Industry

  • When disposing of food, make sure to never throw waste down the drain. Food scraps often contain grease, which can clog sewer pipes and result in sewage backups and overflows.
  • When there is a major spill, immediately contain and clean the spill using dry methods such as a rag, damp mop, or broom.
  • Make sure to sweep the floors regularly and discard the debris into the trash.