Brochures for Residents

The Orange County Stormwater program has developed brochures for many common household activities that can impact the environmental health of our waterways.

For example, did you know that copper from the brake dust on cars are one of the most significant pollutants of concern found in our waterways? Simply picking up after your dog on walks can help keep protect our creeks, rivers, bays and ocean. What are some of the things you do around the house? Whether its painting, gardening, or changing your car’s oil, make sure you do it in a “Stormwater Safe” way.

 Car Wash Fundraisers (2.01 MB)
 Childrens Brochure (834.7 KB)
 Home Improvement Projects (1.15 MB)
 Home Mechanic (457.2 KB)
 Homeowners Guide for Sustainable Water Use (15.47 MB)
 Household Hazardous Waste (1.43 MB)
 Household Tips (1.86 MB)
 Ocean Begins Here (543.1 KB)
 Paint Projects (847.7 KB)
 Recycled Oil Central (56.6 KB)
 Recycled Oil North (69.2 KB)
 Recycled Oil South (60.5 KB)
 Responsible Pest Control.pdf (3.74 MB)
 Septic Tank (1.73 MB)
 Sewage (1.02 MB)
 Tips for Horse Care (2.88 MB)
 Tips for Landscape Garden (1 MB)
 Tips for Pet Care (1.73 MB)
 Watershed Brochure (2.11 MB)