OC Watershed Education Ambassador Program


In the Orange County Watershed Education Ambassador Program (OC WEAP) program, college students are trained on watershed and water quality concepts and work in teams to present this information to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Are you a:

  • K-12 school that would like to have college ambassadors visit in the fall or spring?
  • College that would like to host an OC WEAP program to get your college students involved?

If so, please contact Amanda Aprahamian here.


Good for K-12 Students

  • K-12 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculum
  • Hands-on inquiry-based learning experience
  • Learn from trained students going to college in their area

Good for K-12 Teachers

  • Constructed with NGSS in mind
  • Adjustable instruction time
  • In-class field trip

Good for College Students

  • Gain experience in the classroom teaching NGSS based science curriculum
  • Develop leadership and presentation skills
  • Participate in a peer leadership opportunity

Good for Colleges

  • Low cost student engagement program
  • Provide students tiered leadership capacity building
  • Connect students to a government agency and local school districts

Good for the Community

  • Welcomes students as a member of their civic community
  • Exposes students to government and how it works in their community
  • Shares the work that people are doing to make our community better

Good for the Environment

  • Students learn to take action to prevent water pollution
  • Students take water quality messages home to parents
  • Education leads to behaviors protective of water quality


OC WEAP was established in fall 2012 through a collaborative effort between OC Environmental Resources and Chapman University. OC Environmental Resources staff provided water quality expertise and outreach resources to the university students, who then developed and presented a watershed-based curriculum that both met the required California Science Content Standards and provided an interactive and engaging experience for elementary students.

The inaugural presentation on May 1, 2013 at Linda Vista Elementary School in Orange, California was a great success; four Chapman University Watershed Ambassadors presented the watershed curriculum to almost 70 fifth graders. Chapman University continues to implement the program today, and has reached over 1,300 elementary students within the Orange Unified School District since its inception.